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BUKÓZA HOLDING Group is a modern company with more a than 50-year history.  It belongs to the most important wood processing companies in Slovakia, it is a European quality exporter and one of the most important employers of the Prešov Region. The turnover of the BUKÓZA HOLDING Group is annually about 90 mil. EUR.

BUKÓZA HOLDING Group is a group of the companies focused on wood mass chemical processing, mostly beech. The Group consists of the following companies:



The SSBH product portfolio consists of paper pulp and products with higher added value – powdered pulp and personal care products.

The product capacities for the paper pulp is 150,000 tons per year. The paper pulp is an ISO 9001:2000 certificate holder.

In 2010 BUKÓZA HOLDING Group became energetically independent and is now one of the energy suppliers putting energy back into the distribution network. Since 2010 it has been responsible for the Heat management of the town Vranov nad Topľou. Annual electricity production is about 170,000 MWh.

The investment purposes plan for the upcoming period is focused on extending the product portfolio with the products having a higher added value, increasing competitiveness, updating the technological composition and improving the quality of the environment.

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