The company BHG Logistika spol. s r.o., was established in 2009 and it focuses on the provision of services in the international truck transport, haulage and rental of motor cars.

The company has 30 transport trucks with tilt trailers (among them 20 muld trailers and 2 mega sets) and three sets with tanks for the transportation of chemicals. Out of this, 11 comply with the emission regulation EURO 6, 20 with EURO 5 EEV and 2 with EURO 5.

At the same time, it owns 26 passenger vehicles that are rented within the BUKÓZA HOLDING, a.s Group.

  • Passenger transport – rental of passenger and motor vehicles
  • Haulage - transport of products within Europe
  • Heavy load traffic:
    • mulching of grasslands, snow plowing on roads, road sanding
    • transport of bulk granular materials - transportation of various lump materials
    • transport of a variety of pallets and bulk materials
    • transport of loose materials and waste (not including hazardous waste) in a container
    • transport of timber - collection of branches, scrap metal etc. with a hydraulic arm
    • trimming trees, working on power lines, painting
    • draining of wells, cesspools and sewer tanks
    • crane work with capacity of 7 t and 35 t

With regards to haulage, the company BHG Logistika spol. s r.o. owns the following equipment:

  • a tractor John Deere 5720
  • a tipper S1, TATRA T815 8x8
  • a flatbed truck LIAZ
  • a truck hook lift VOLVO FMX 6x6
  • a forest vehicle with a hydraulic arm VOLVO FM 6x6
  • a hook crane with a hydraulic arm VOLVO FH 6x4
  • a platform AVIA MP13
  • a vacuum truck TATRA T815 CAS11, 6x6
  • a mobile crane GROVE GMK2035 with a capacity of 35ton and a boom of 44 metres
  • the front loader VOLVO L60G with a high tipping bucket 5 m3
  • a tractor-bagger CAT 444 F2

  • BHG Logistika spol. s r.o.
  • Hencovská 2073, 093 02  Hencovce, SR
  • Tel.: +421 57 441 31 10
  • Fax.: +421 57 441 20 03
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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