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About the company

Basic information

The company BUKÓZA ENERGO, a.s. is a producer and supplier on the electricity market. It ensures the electricity needs of the BUKÓZA HOLDING, a.s. and supplies electricity to consumers in Slovakia. It holds a license to conduct business in the energy sector, issued by the Regulatory Office for the following business:

  • Electronic Engineering (electricity production, electricity supply, electricity distribution),.
  • heat production, heat distribution.

The company also holds licenses from the Regulatory Office for Network Industries for the supply of electricity to end users in Slovakia.

Since January 1, 2010 it has been delivering heat and domestic hot water (DHW) to the citizens of Vranov nad Topľou and has been administrating the town´s property of Heat management.

Our goals:

  • be a stable supplier of electricity on the Slovak market,
  • look for saving opportunities for our suppliers,
  • establish long-term cooperation leading to mutual satisfaction,
  • contribute to reducing emissions with environmental improvements in electricity production from renewable energy sources.

Production program of the company

The company BUKÓZA ENERGO, a.s. produces the following products:

  • High pressure superheated steam
    • Steam is a product of lignite powder granulation boiler.
  • Electricity 
    • As a part of high pressure superheated steam electricity, which is generated at the TG3 turbogenerator.
  • Delivery and supply of heat and domestic hot water (DHW)
    • In 2010, based on the 109 contractual agreements the company implemented the sale of heat from:
      • 15 gas boilers (PK)
      • 1 district heating station (OST)
      • 9 residential gas boilers (BPK).


The company is an important trading partner in supplying heat and electricity for production and trading companies, municipalities, hotel chains, schools, households, etc.:

  • electricity supply (households, firms),
  • providing support services for Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s.,
  • heat supply (the energy needs of the BUKÓZA HOLDING Group, a.s. and heat management of the town Vranov nad Topľou).

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